conversation (single)

Her music is for those who want to begin their journey to innerstanding, her soothing bed of beats will slowly guide listeners to a space for self reflection and self expression. Alongside her debut, Musa2 will also be releasing a poetry anthology that builds on the theme of stillness.


softly going (single)

Aqualine is an alternative band based around London. They are a guitar based band whose music is inspired by a mix of grunge, punk, hip hop and shoe-gaze. This allows for a unique sound within their music full of frustration and angst, sitting on a bed of atmospheric guitar sounds. Aqualine’s lyrics and artwork consist of honest feelings about the pressures of a mundane lifestyle in the 21st century, bringing feelings of escapism and a personal perspective on life. 


sesseltanz (album)

Sesseltanz is the second album by Moll, the music project of Viennese writer Lukas Meschik. The first album came in 2020, and since then much has happened that has left deep traces in all of us; certainties are lost, orders that were believed to be unbreakable are dissolving.

megan owen

august attraction (single)

Based in South Wales, Megan Owen is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter who discusses her battle with mental health and self-acceptance through her lyrics. After years of posting piano covers on social media, Meg made her debut release at twenty years old with her EP “11:10”.


young (single)

Monday is the recording project of songwriter Cat Falcão, half of Golden Slumbers duo and frequent collaborator in the Portuguese folk scene. Crafting confessional pieces of folk and rock on her 2018 debut “One”, she played all around Portugal and gained the attention of radio stations and major publications.

anne juren

42 (performance)

Until today, nobody really knows what information, what knowledge a body stores in the course of its development. So how can we think of this body – the whole body, not just the brain – as an “archive”?

alice markham

new song (single)

Alice Markham is an independent UK-based singer-songwriter, pianist and trumpeter. From a young age, she has been classically trained at the UK National Youth Jazz Collective (NYJC) and National Children’s Orchestra (NCO). 
 Growing up in a musical family, she has been channeling her emotions, thoughts and memories through her work as a songwriter, composer and lyricist.

oliver beardmore

Delving into self destructive thought patterns, the gap between reality and idealisation, as well as the raw emotions surrounding secrets that can never be spoken of, everything combines to create ‘the kind of storm that places a listener within a vacuum trapped between ethereal and existential’ (Dylan Grinker, New Sounds).

alix eynaudi

bruno (performance)

BRUNO is an emanation of a piece
without an end, a cloth of friendships,
of loves cobbled together.

chalo una

Come! Let's march to Una. (movie)

.ujjwal kanishka utkarsh is a PhD-in-Practice candidate at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna. he makes films and has been working towards a form that emerges out of the observational cinema tradition. 


ein bademeisterstück (theater)

Paule – a story about imagination, friendship and cohesion.

sully gravity

young (single)

Born in Spain to Nigerian parents, Sully’s musical education was a wide-ranging one. Beginning his musical journey early, he started writing songs at the age of 12, going on to study classical music in the conservatoire while gaining deeper knowledge in gospel and performance every Saturday in church. He grew up listening to everything from classic soul to Nigerian Pop/Afrobeat as well as RnB/Gospel.

the year in pictures

alternative endings (EP)

antidote (single)

The Year In Pictures are a band from Hackney, East London. ‘Antidote’: Expect to be carried through the track by hypnotic arpeggi, a lively groove and textural elements borrowed from shoegaze.


daheimbleib-blues (single)

Spring 2020, Vienna goes into Corona lockdown – just in time for the release of the first Moll album. Instead of burying their heads in the sand, this song  is created overnight.

genevieve miles

good (single)

The “sunny indie queen” (BBC Introducing), 21-year-old Genevieve is lighting up her hometown of Birmingham with her innovative indie pop. Her distinctive sound has gained the label of “alt pop at its finest” by CLOUT magazine.

Kammerflimmern Christoph Schiele

mark knochen

kammerflimmern (theater)

A play about how the courage to let go heralds the last great adventure.

tales of water

growth (single)

Like waves inside the ocean, their sounds emerge into one. Four gentle individuals guiding each other through the depths of this life. Mindful, reflective and with their eyes wide open, creating space for the unknown and unspoken. Reaching for the dark only to release it into the light. Unfolding their reality, one step at a time. Melodic poetry and grounding beats, synthetic sounds on a wholesome bass foundation, telling the tales of water.

tega Mendes

water (single)

Tega Mendes is an Indie Soul artist based in London. 


good morning girl (single)

I often say that I like a bit of soul but I grew up on rock and roll I’m an independent artist based in NW London. I’m highly attracted to old sights and sounds, dare I use the word “retro”. I’m loving life in London right now, crazy place. If you like my music connect with me over on Instagram, follow along xx

on the edge #10

le manège (theater)

carte blanche within the framework of the festival for experimental circus arts.

anne juren

41 (performance)

 In this work, Anne Juren focuses on dysfunctional relationships, absurd phantasms as well as unimaginable actions and translates them into movement.

zoe zohar

NUMB (single)

Zoë Zohar is an internationally born, London based alternative pop artist. In her music she blends nostalgic emotive tones with modern electronic elements, creating a contrasting sound that is both raw and mechanical. Through her songs, Zohar shares her outlook on life as she questions the environment she grew up in, her sense of belonging, and her constant urge for escapism.

alix eynaudi

noa & snow poem #5 (performance)

a stray event, a vehicle, a vector, a transport device: a flying carpet! a cloud piercer.


sincerely, me. (album)

Born and raised in Cyprus, 24-year-old artist Rafaèlla started working in the music industry from a young age performing alongside her father. She took part in a variety of musical theatre shows and worked for both TV and Radio. 
 Now based in London, Rafaèlla started releasing her own music in the beginning of 2020.


float (single)

Alternative rock band based in London.


musik (album)

The band project around the writer Lukas Meschik combines melancholy with pop quality. Zonkey co-founders Sebastian (guitar) and Simon (drums) shape the sound from the beginning.


all is lost (single)

Always relevant statement on the
current situation, politics, the world
and in general everything.




schauma (EP)

Fine German lyrics paired with beautiful melodies and harmonies. 


amber road

walk with me (album)

Pop-Rock with a lot of Indie influence from Vienna.


was wir sind (EP)

On the pulse of time, breathing the feeling of life in Vienna and looking back to the past: this is the music of “Picobello”, a German-language guitar-pop band with indie, new wave and 60s influences from Vienna. 

Picobello Was Wir Sind