the team

Simon Schenk-Mair und Zonkey

simon schenk-mair

Starting with a toy-drum, then an accordion and a single snare drum I finally reached a full drum set after a few years.
This set and its successors were driven around Austria and Germany for concerts, recordings, video shoots, TV, and radio shows as a part of rock, metal, punk, and Indie bands.
In between all the driving, the drumset always on the back seat or the boot, zonkey studios was born and I studied Jazz-drumming and IGP.
Completely drum-less but equipped with a laptop and headphones I made my way to London to get my Masters degree in Music Production. The word production also describes the job I get to do together with artists from all backgrounds and styles.

paul kotal

Zonkey Studios Paul Kotal

In my work I move between two poles.

On one side, I collaborate with artists and develop sound(concepts) for dance, performances and theatre. Often times the emphasis lies on the perception of sound in the relative space and to make said sound a tangible presence.
Sound as a covertly underlying but immanent dramatic composition, a web.
Classic speakers are faded out increasingly often from my set ups. I much prefer to transform any imaginable thing into a sound source. On the other hand I enjoy the straight forward approach, the craftsmanship and the passionate light heartedness that comes with working on popular music. I relish the in depth support, the fleshing out of character traits and the search for the essence of an arrangement or a performance. Those two poles create a room around me, steadily gravitate towards each other, and always inspire one another.

Zonkey Studios Paul Kotal
Paul Kotal und Zonkey

michael fink

Creating music is passion, and my goal is to emphasise your unique timbre, energy and emotion. I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with every individual artist and being a part of your process.

I love to explore sound via technology in Stereo and the immersive format: Dolby Atmos. The experience of being physically immersed in music is incredible and something worth sharing!!

With my experience in making commercial records I’ll realise your vision in a relaxed environment and enhance your production to let it shine.

xav sinden

Primarily based in London, I love working on music that excites me and pushes me to explore past my creative comfort zone; discovering new sounds, textures and ideas along the way.

I believe that recording music should always be relaxed, comfortable and fun – my main sonic influences come from alternative, indie rock and shoegaze but my core belief across all genres is that if it evokes an emotional response then it’s good music, and I’m always looking to adapt my approaches to suit any project.

Sebastian Kierner Zonkey Studios
Sebastian Kierner und Zonkey

sebastian kierner

Sebastian Kierner Zonkey Studios

Since uttering my first cry I have constantly been producing sounds, noises, and notes and therefore have been – other than an occasional annoyance of my immediate surroundings – steadily training and evolving my ear and understanding of sound.

With the guitar as my first tool to convert this fascination into a more comprehensible output, my love for stringed instruments has been set in stone.

Nothing bewitches me more than a captivating hook, a too-beautiful-to be-true solo, or a chord that catapults the listeners fantasy to unexpected realms.

I try to integrate those aspects into the music I make, write, and produce to share my passion with as many people as possible.

oliver beardmore

Obsessed with noise, sonic palettes, songwriting and lyricism in equal measure, I’m always looking at new ways to approach the various arts of creating music.

As a songwriter and creative producer, I believe songwriting transcends genre to a certain extent, and a great song is a great song.

I love all things alternative, especially Shoegaze and Dream pop, but pop music has always been a big part of my life.