das studio

control room

room a

The large recording room offers space for sessions in a wide variety of lineups – but can also be transformed into a cozy vocal box by sliding modules. 

The adjacent staircase can be used as a natural reverberation chamber.

Studios Vienna

room b

The small recording room expands the recording possibilities.
It is located behind the control room and offers visual connection through a window.

Zonkey Studios Room B
Zonkey Studio Guitars
Zonkey Studios Wien Gitarren
Zonkey Studio Drums


Our kitchen offers the possibility to prepare
to freshly cooked meals at any time during long sessions. A coffee machine provides some pleasure.

entrance, storage and percussion room

The place to arrive, take a break, relax, eat and drink coffee. 

On cold winter days a we heat the stove. 

Zonkey Studios Wien Outdoor


Good to have a break, or just to work outside, write lyrics and/or songs.

Zonkey Studios Zebra

edit room